Starting my own company

I have just started my own company and of course that brought a lot of expenses. It is a bigger investment but I really believe in the project, so it simply have to be a succes. I am producing products which have all been seen before, but it is with a newer and much better technology which makes the quality of the products way better than previous similar products. But I need a way to make my product stand out from all of the other similar products. So I have been thinking on a way how to accomplish this.

An uniqe label

And so the thought of an uniqe label came a long. So right now I am checking the market out for a good industrial printer. It has to be a label printer which is easy to use, meaning that it have to have a user friendly computer program. It may also very well be a smart label printer with an integrated computer system that works directly with my own computer. But I found out that finding a good industrial label printer is not that easy actually. They all have different feautures and at the same time they are all very expensive.

Getting the needs right

After looking at the different printers, I found out it would be way easier if I found out exactly what I needed the label printer to be able to. What did I want for my industrial label. I need a smart label printer that can print in bright colors and with very sharp edges. At the same time it needs to be fast. An industrial label needs to stand out so I also need an easy designing program making me able to design and create different expressions. At the same time, since I am going to use it a lot, the ink can be too expensive to use and buy either.

A good investment

After a while I found the printer that I wanted. And I am very pleased with it. It meets all my requirements and is better than what I could ever have hoped for. But the best thing is that just by using the first industrial label printer the knowledge of my product increased intensively. I am happy I took the time to find the right industrial printer for my needs. I even manage to get a good price which I am more than positive will pay back in.

Forfatter: Julie

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