Siri your personal assistant

Apple’s voice guiding digital assistant Siri can help make your daily life easier, whether you have questions or wish to have performed a task, then you can with specific Siri commands get Siri to do it for you

The voice assistant is activated easily by pressing the Home button down, then you can control Siri through commands and get Siri to perform tasks for you. You can, for example say to Siri, set the alarm clock to 7 AM. in the morning for tomorrow, then Siri will do it for you. Siri can also answer many questions, you can ask about how many days there are to Christmas? where there is a good pizzeria nearby? How big is the biggest fish in the world? There is almost no limit on what you can ask.

If you would not want to use the touch screen, you can also use Siri to read your messages, you can reply to the message directly via Siri as well.

When you say commands then Siri gives you the answers back in an intelligent way, when you ask questions, then Siri finds many different answers and information through sites such as Wolfram Alpha and Wikipedia.

Siri is Available for iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad with Retina display, and fifth-generation iPod touch.

In the future, it seems that, Siri is here to stay, since Apple has begun to integrate the personal assistant in all the new Apple products coming on the market.

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